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Mini Ludum Dare 58

Currently working on a ‘Pong Clone’ (wink wink) for MiniLD58. Should be posting updates regularly throughout the week. The core gameplay is there, just needs some level design and actual puzzles inserted 🙂

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On Sonic the Hedgehog

So I’ve been working on Tosh the Haggis on and off for the last year or so and I’ve been attempting to solidify in my head the kind of gameplay I want in the game.

It is, at its heart, inspired by the original Megadrive Sonic the Hedgehog games but creating an out-and-out clone was never my intention. I always wanted to try something that evokes the series without just ripping it off wholesale. Unfortunately my efforts have not panned out in the way I had planned. The modifications to the Sonic formula I made haven’t come out as fun, and have not allowed me to design the kind of interesting levels I wanted.

So I went back and tried to figure out why. In doing so I ended up analysing exactly what made the original Sonic games great, and why modern Sonic games aren’t held in as high regard.


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Flappy Stephen

Okay, I made a Flappy Bird clone. Press space not to die.

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Tosh the Haggis – Boss Test

A quick proof of concept boss fight. Obviously, graphics are not final. Controls: WASD to move and SPACE to jump

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Tosh the Haggis – Control test

Here’s a quick peak at a game I’m working on. It’s a short developer level with many different platforming elements, including crumbling floors, ladders, spike pits, physics pushers, long jumping sections and precision jumping sections all designed to test the feel of the control system.

Controls: WASD to move and SPACE to jump

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Candy Rush Adventure Superstar Saga

I started working on this game for the CandyJam, created in response to King.com’s  trademarking of the word “Candy” and “Saga”.

However, 14 days after the deadline it’s still not quite done. I still wanted to show it off though.

The game is designed to be very hard. The character is supposed to control like Sonic the hedgehog (without the rolling or attacking) but in a difficulty level that wouldn’t look out of place in Super Meat Boy. As such the difficulty level multiplies.

And yes, it can be done Deathless. You’ll need to find the secrets, and work out the proper sequence to gather the power beans, but it can be done.

The game can be found over on Kongregate


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